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The Most Iconic Sunglasses

Many of today's most legendary frame and sunglass styles got famous just as their wearers did: by appearing in a blockbuster movie. We track five hottest eyewear icons which got their big break on the silver screen.

What's In Store At Mido?

We preview what's getting us most excited this weekend at the optical industry's second biggest show.

Everything Old Is New Again

Modern designers might be dreaming up the most innovative ways and using the most technologically advanced materials to make eyewear, but the demand for classic styles is still going strong.

How to Take the Best Care of your Eyeglasses

Tips on getting the longest mileage out of your spectacles or sunglasses.

You're Wearing WHAT?: The World's Most Unusual Eyewear Materials

Buffalo horn, carbon fiber, acrylic and even cardboard. Yes, just some of the never-dreamed-of things designers are using to make eyeglasses!

Plastic Frames: Not Just For Nerds

Eyewear designers are injecting all sorts of vibrant colors and vivid motifs into eyeglasses made from acetate.

Metallica: Why We Love Metal Glasses

What's your frame made of? We explore the most popular eyewear material.

Eyewear For the Gym and Beyond

We round up our favorite athletic eyewear so you can keep looking good while working out.

A Whole LOTHO Love

Visionary designer Coco Tsuji's eyewear collection is inspired by film classics, and each frame is an iconic character that complements your individual personality.

Eyewear Emperor RES/REI

We profile Italian designer Oliviero Zanon and his "Handmade In Italy With Love" optical collections.

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