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Framing Your Face: A Hearty Selection of Eyewear for Heart Shape Faces


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Glasses to Frame a Heart Shape Face
Framing Your Face: A Hearty Selection of Eyewear for Heart Shape Faces

The 2712 in 1219-Mint by Wissing ($450) rounds off the triangular dimensions of a heart-shaped face.

If your forehead is the widest part of your face, tapering down via your cheekbone lines to a small chin, take heart! That's your face shape, which is often also described as triangular. Take a look at celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Reese Witherspoon, Johnny Depp, and Justin Timberlake - you share the same face shape.

Many see hearts as a tricky face shape to style up with eyewear, but we beg to differ. Your typically high cheekbones is a virtual (because the bottom of a good-fitting pair of glasses shouldn't be resting on them) mantelpiece for your objet d'optical, an attention-grabbing showcase. And here lies the beauty of eyewear as functional fashion accessories—serving as literally the bridge between the upper and lower parts of your face, it transforms an uneven balance into the perfect palette for showing off some stunning spectacles, creating a strong and lasting overall impression. In fact, we'd even argue that not having a face shape in exact equilibrium is an invitation to deck yourself out in more unusual and artistic eyewear.

Flip through our pages of tips on how to choose eyewear for heart-faced shapes, and flip convention on its side!

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